Pre-School Enrollment  #thrivin375


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Are you interested in Pre-Kindergarten for your 4 year old that:

  • Prepares children for Kindergarten?

  • Meets 5 days a week (Morning and Afternoon Sessions are available)?

Students must turn 4 years old on or before August 31st. 

Children meeting at least ONE of the following qualifications will have preferential placement based on when the application is turned in:

  • Custodial parent is unmarried at time of enrollment

  • At least one parent was 19 years of age or younger when the child was born. 

  • Family qualifies for the Child Nutrition Program (free/reduced lunch program)

  • Referred by SRS/DCF

  • At least one parent lacks a high school diploma or GED

  • Child has a mild developmental delay in at least one area of development (speech, motor, Academic concepts, behavior). Determined during Count Your Kid In screening

  • The child speaks a language other than English as their preferred language. 

  • Child qualifies under migrant status. Certificate of eligibility is on file. 

Children who do not meet the requirements may still apply for a spot in the program. 

Limited space available

Out of District families may apply

Please contact your school office to get your child on the list today!

COE-321-9515  CTE 536-2728  CBE 778-1151  CGE 315-4000