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What is a Continuous Learning Plan (CLP)?

The CLP is something new to everybody. The Circle School District will be working on a plan during the week of March 23rd to provide students “continuous learning” regardless of the current situation. This is not strictly an online learning program. It can be packets of work, computer work, videos, projects, etc. We will be working to create engaging experiences for our students that focus on  essential learning which have already been established for each grade and content level.  Although all schools are closed, learning will continue and teachers will work very hard to ensure the success of each student.  All teachers will stay connected to their students. This plan will develop over time emphasizing engagement, creativity and family involvement. We will begin implementing the CLP the week of March 30th.

Who qualifies for the daily lunch and breakfast program?

Any student ages 1-18.  These meals are free and will be available for pick-up each day from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at the following locations; Circle Oil Hill Elementary, Circle Towanda Primary, Circle Middle School and Circle Greenwich Elementary.  Please complete the survey at if you haven’t already as we need to know how many meals to prepare.

Does my child need a technology device to complete school work?

A device will be needed to complete various items within the continuous learning plan. Age and subject will determine how much a device is used. Complete the survey at so we can understand each student’s need for technology.  

How will we receive a school-issued device?

We will be working on a plan the week of March 23rd.  The teacher, principal or other staff member will communicate the plans to issue the device.

Will my child be on a device all day on the Continuous Learning Plan? 

No. We will incorporate  many offline activities to create a proper balance.  The age of the student will determine the amount the device will be used. Various online platforms will be used to communicate learning activities. If there is a platform currently being used to communicate to parents and students, we will attempt to continue its use to make it an easier transition for all.  

What if I do not have internet access at home?

We know this is an issue for some families and we are currently working on a solution. However, it could be a couple weeks before anything is possible to provide access. If so, there will be alternative plans to communicate learning activities. Please complete the survey at so we can assist in providing online access.

Do I need to find my own resources to teach my children since school is closed?

Our plan will include the proper resources you will need for your students.  However, if you choose to provide additional resources for learning and fun, that would be great!  

I’ve heard that kids might be able to come to school in small groups of less than 10.  Is that going to happen at Circle?

At this time, there areNO plans to have face-to-face instruction of any kind at Circle.  The safety of our students and staff is our #1 priority. However, there can be small groups arranged virtually to provide social interaction and group instruction, as well as individual tutoring.

When will my child be able to get things from their locker or classroom?

We anticipate this will occur the week of April 6th and we will communicate when we are ready to do so.  We know some students have items they would like to have.  If there is something that is absolutely needed i.e. medication, etc. please contact your building principal for approval. 

When can I expect teachers to contact my child?

The tentative plan is to begin communication with your teachers on either March 26th or 27th.  However, some teachers could be in touch sooner. 

When can I expect my child to begin school work under the Continuous Learning Plan?

We are planning to be ready by March 30th. Teachers and administrators will be working the week of March 23rd-27th to develop our Continuous Learning Plan and determine how each teacher will approach this new model.  We have a ton of planning and work to do, but some of our previous work has put us in a great position to transition to this model.  We have guidance from the Kansas State Department of Education and a group of outstanding educators that are committed to your child’s education. 

As a parent, what should I do to help support my child in this new Continuous Learning Plan model?

Patience is a key. This model is new and honestly won’t be comparable to “regular” school. .  All of us are going to learn a great deal in the next few weeks. It is important to adapt to what we learn and make adjustments accordingly. We will be realistic in our expectations of the student's workload.  However, we expect students to push themselves and provide feedback so we can best meet their needs. We ask parents to engage with your student to ensure work is being completed and returned so we can provide feedback to assist in the learning process. As a parent or guardian, you are a critical part of this plan’s success.

Will school building offices be open? What about the Central Office?

Right now, school buildings will not be open to the public and offices will be operational on limited hours.  The central office will be open on a limited basis, but we are not currently operating on normal business hours.  We will monitor CDC guidelines and that will dictate whether office hours are established or adjusted. 

Is there a plan for a graduation and/or other social events?

Right now, graduation is cancelled as well as other social events.  However, if the CDC guidelines change, we will do our best to schedule and conduct a graduation ceremony.  We are proud of our Seniors and want to celebrate with them and their families.  

What about State Assessments?

The state has determined that we will not be able to administer the assessments under the

current learning format and have canceled them for this year.

Can we still use the school facilities?

In order to ensure the safe and clean environment for our staff and students the school facilities

are closed to all outside use. Any previous facility use that was scheduled has been revoked

until further notice.

Who do I contact if I have concerns or questions?

Please contact your teacher or building principal via phone or email.  As the new Continuous Learning Plan begins on March 30th, your child’s teacher will be a good resource, but until then, please contact your building principal as our teachers will be extremely busy preparing the CLP.