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Career exploration via real-world experiences.

It is the goal of Circle Public Schools that, by graduation, all students will receive an Essential Skills Certification, the National Career Readiness Certificate, participate in multiple job shadow experiences, and complete a semester-long internship.

To support this goal, the College & Career Readiness Program was created. Through the program, students will explore a variety of career pathways & experiences--helping them make informed decisions about their future including what they would (and would not) like to pursue.

College & Career Readiness at Circle Public Schools is the guided exposure to potential future colleges & careers for students in the 8th through 12th grades.

This takes place via a work-based learning program where Circle students reach yearly milestones including job shadowing, internships, &/or obtaining technical certificates as graduating seniors.

 Don Potter, Superintendent of Circle Public Schools, says, "Preparing students for future success has always been the goal.  No longer is our role is to just graduate students and hope it goes well for them beyond their K-12 experience.  We must work alongside students to prepare them for success by removing obstacles and providing outstanding opportunities for experience and growth.  This has to be our norm in using this model to engage, enhance, excite, and ignite students' ability to be successful in whatever college or career path they choose."  

Read on to explore the College & Career Readiness Program including program milestones, certificate details, and how we're building connections between Circle Public Schools and our local business community!

Our Programs

College & Career Ready Certificates


The Circle College & Career Ready Program is only possible through community partnerships.

CLICK HERE to see our current Community Partners and learn how you can support the students of Circle Public Schools.

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Program Milestones




Business Education Strategic Team


A career cluster is a group of careers that share common features.

Career Clusters


Career & Technical Education: courses offering academic and technical skills.


An Individual Plan of Study (IPS) is a product AND a process guiding each student to define career goals and the path to achieve those goals.


An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student's field of study or career interest.

An internship gives students the opportunity for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills. It also gives students the opportunity to evaluate career paths--do they enjoy the work, or should they possibly pursue another career path?


Career Pathways are educational paths to students' selected careers.

Pathways at Circle Public Schools include:

  • Aviation

  • Business Entrepreneurship and Management

  • Business Finance

  • Construction & Design

  • Digital Media

  • Early Childhood Development & Services

  • Engineering & Applied Mathematics

  • Family and Community Services

  • Graphic Design

  • Health Science

  • Manufacturing

  • Restaurant & Event Management

  • Teaching & Training


Circle students will have the opportunity to have access to over 30 different career pathways with Butler Community College.

Students in the THRIVE! program work towards credits for their associate's degree--potentially graduating from high school with over 2 years of college credit in a career field of their choice!

Students who choose the THRIVE! program will meet with an advisor each semester to set up their schedule.


Work-Based Learning (WBL) is the opportunity to participate in real-life work environments to gain experience and apply classroom knowledge at varying levels.

Benefits for students include:

  • Making connections between the classroom and real-world

  • Practicing essential skills

  • Observing current professionals on the job

  • Increased understanding of necessary post-secondary industry training

  • Networking opportunities