2023 Summer Meal Program

This summer FREE breakfast and lunch are available for anyone ages 1 to 18 from June 5th to June 29th!

Summer Meals are offered Monday-Thursday from June 5 - June 29 at the following locations:

Circle Towanda Elementary (Towanda)

Breakfast 8:00-8:45

Lunch 11:00-12:00

Circle Middle School (Benton)

No Meal Service

Circle High School (Towanda)

Breakfast 7:30-8:45

Lunch - No Lunch


  • No application or registration is required!

  • Meals must be consumed on-site.

  • Children must be present; parents and guardians can no longer pick up meals on behalf of their kids

  • Yard signs are used to indicate which door to enter for meal service

  • Menus, Hours, & Site Availability are subject to change. 

  • Menus will be available online at usd375.org/page/food-services

    • The meals served are healthy and follow USDA nutrition guidelines. 

    • Breakfast will include: 1 serving grain,1 serving fruit and/or juice, 1 protein and 1 serving milk

    • Lunch will include: 1 serving grain, 1 serving meat/meat alternative, 1 serving fruit, 1 serving vegetable, 1 serving milk (Meat/meat alternate may include cheese or other protein sources)

  • Lunch includes a hot entrée offered on most days.

  • Meals are free for all children ages 1-18.  Adults are welcome to purchase a meal. Adults may not share the children’s food nor eat off the children’s trays. Please bring exact change - school sites do not carry money or change.

    • Adult breakfast price: $3.00

    • Adult lunch price: $5.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the summer meal program?  The summer meal program is a USDA funded program and is designed to provide kids and teens ages 1-18 with healthy meals during the summer months when school is out of session. 

Where do I go to get free meals?  Yard signs will be used, at each site, to direct children and parents to the correct door.  

What are the requirements for my child or teen to receive a meal?  There is no application or registration required to receive a meal. You do not need to provide proof of income, residency or citizenship.  Just show up!

Is there a cost? No.  All summer meals offered through the USDA's program are free to all children, ages 1-18.

Do meals have to be eaten onsite?  Yes, due to federal regulations, all meals must be consumed on-site.  

Do children need to be present? Yes, due to changes at the federal level, parents and guardians can no longer pick up meals on behalf of their kids and meals must be consumed onsite.  

Can adults eat free summer meals?  Meals are intended for kids and teens.  However, adults are welcome to purchase a meal.  Breakfast is $3.00 and lunch is $5.00.  Please bring exact change as site staff do not carry change. 

What kind of meal is served?  The meals served are healthy and follow USDA nutrition guidelines.  

Who funds free summer meals? Summer meals programs are federally funded by the USDA through the Summer Food Service Program.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.