School Board Appreciation Month

Jared Swilley, District 3 Representative

Thank you, Mr. Swilley, for your continued support of Circle Public Schools!

Chris Hoefer, District4 Representative

In his first term, board representative Chris Hoefer ran for school board to have a voice and be involved in the decisions being made for the education of Circle Public School students. An active member of Circle Recreation, Mr. Hoefer has served on the board of directors, coached basketball, baseball, and football and is currently the head coach for the TBird class of 2031.

Thank you, Mr. Hoefer, for your continued support of Circle Public Schools!

Kristy Evans, District 6 Representative

School board representative Kristy Evans has been a part of Circle Public Schools since 1989--beginning as a para at then Benton Grade School in 1989 and transferring to the District Office two years later to start her 24 year career as the district treasurer. In 2017, two years after her retirement, a position on the board of education opened and Mrs. Evans began her new role in the district.

Mrs. Evans says her experience as a board member has been one that she truly loves. "Our students, parents, patrons, and staff are some of the best and it's such an honor to still be a part of the district!"

Thank you, Mrs. Evans, for your continued support of Circle Public Schools!

Jake Myers, District 2 Representative

Also in his first term, school board representative Jake Myers loves the Circle district and the opportunities available for his four children. Mr. Myers is also the Circle BOE representative on the Butler County Interlocal board as well and is proud to work to improve the lives and education for students with special needs in Bulter County. He is also very invested in the College & Career Ready program at Circle High School that focuses on Work Based Learning experiences like job shadows and internships with local businesses.

Thank you, Mr. Myers, for all you do for Circle Public Schools!

Casey Winchell, District 1 Representative

Currently in his first term, school board representative Casey Winchell has served on the BOE since January of 2020. A parent of two students at Circle Greenwich Elementary, Mr. Winchell wanted to be involved in the decision making process for his children's education.
Mr. Winchell says the best part, for him, of being a board member is the increased feeling of belonging with the district and communities along 254. 

Thank you, Mr. Winchell, for all you do for Circle Public Schools!

Jordan Buxton, Board of Education Vice President

As a parent of three children in the Circle School District, Mrs. Buxton has been involved with the Circle Oil Hill Elementary PTO organization, Circle Recreation program, and has been an advocate and driving force for the work based learning program.

Her time as PTO President, work on the bond initiative campaign, as well as grant writing and presentations for work based learning inspired her to run for school board in the fall of 2021. Buxton says, "I'm proud of the way this BOE has come together under a unified voice that supports the District and the positive progress that's been made since COVID." 

Thank you, Mrs. Buxton, for your tireless support of Circle Public Schools.

Ben Whiteside, Board of Education President

First elected in 1995, President Ben Whiteside, has been a member of Circle Public Schools Board of Education for 27 years. Mr. Whiteside believes the best part of being a board member is "simply being part of our awesome school district."

TBird points of pride for Mr. Whiteside include upgraded facilities that provide a safe and effective learning environment while allowing room for growth in our district, as well as the high-quality staff found throughout our district. 

Please join us in thanking Mr. Whiteside for all he does to ensure we are able to #Thrivein375.