THRIVE Winners Alexa Daily,  Liz Peterson, Rachel Freeman, Shawna Mosier, Tony Tipton, Tinley Smith & Braden Kirkpatrick

Congratulations to Circle THRIVE Award winners Alexa Daily,  Liz Peterson, Rachel Freeman, Shawna Mosier, Tony Tipton, Tenley Smith & Braden Kirkpatrick!

Alexa Daily, 6th Grade Circle Greenwich Elementary

Ms. Daily's sense of humor, knowledge of her content area, interactions with kids, flexibility, and partnership with her coworkers is amazing! Thank you for being such a positive part of the CGE community and family--you are appreciated and we are lucky to have you here!

Liz Peterson, 3rd Grade Circle Greenwich Elementary

Ms. Peterson's strength, kindness, sense of humor, and giant teacher heart make her such an asset in this building! Her interactions with the kids and coworkers are genuine and pleasant. We hope you know just how appreciated you are at CGE!

Rachel Freeman, Kindergarten Circle Greenwich Elementary

Ms. Freeman's spirit is infectious--keep up the good work!

Shawna Mosier, Kindergarten Circle Greenwich Elementary

Shawna is a foundational part of our staff and Towanda family! She has a mind that comes up with the “what if’s”, the planning ahead, the positive appearance, and the designer! Shawna embraces change and has the courage to step out first to try new things and support everyone else in the process. She is a go-getter, yet, compassionate in the process and has the ability to see all sides of the equation. Shawna shares the care and commitment in various avenues throughout the school and community with keeping everyone else in mind. Her flexibility and willingness to adapt allow for a positive school culture and for CTE to THRIVE!

Tony Tipton, USD 375 Operations

We would like to thank Mr. Tipton for all the help you gave the custodian staff, subbing whenever we are short. Always with a smile!!

Tenley Smith, Paraeducator at Circle Benton Elementary

Ms. Smith gives one hundred percent in support of our students. Thanks for all you do for our students!

Braden Kirkpatrick, Physical Education at Circle Benton Elementary

The relationships Mr. Kirkpatrick has developed with our students and staff have been exceptional. We appreciate that he is willing to give his time to support the needs of our teachers, students, and staff.

Thank you all for helping us THRIVE in 375!