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Employee of the Year


Mike is a great listener, an active problem-solver, and a team player. He is willing to "pick up" shuttles, trips, and routes to make ends meet and transport students safely.

KARI KILLMAN, District Office

Kari is the school board clerk, human resources, and payroll for Circle Public Schools.

For the past two years, Kari has overcome major hurdles in every one of her roles while continuing to be the first to volunteer or help a co-worker. Kari always goes the extra mile to make Circle Public Schools better.

LORA SWANK, Food Service

Lora is always present, engaged, and focused on building relationships.

Lora always has a smile on her face to greet students first thing in the morning and at lunch. She is an invaluable asset to Circle High School.

Previous Recipients

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Julie Dahl

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