Calvin Hammond

It is my pleasure to acknowledge Calvin Hammond as one of the classified employees of the year. I have had the pleasure of working with Calvin for 8 years now and I am not sure I have come across a harder working employee than Calvin. Calvin is very diligent in his work and has an exceptional attention to the quality of his work. You can find Calvin constantly working on something and moving about the school building in an effort to keep our facility well maintained. Calvin is a true professional who takes his job seriously and puts much passion into the work he completes. Not only does Calvin carry out his job description highly effectively but he focuses on student relationships as well. It is not hard to find Calvin in the lunchroom establishing positive relationships with our students. Calvin is a class act and we at Circle High are proud to call him a Thurderbird. Congratulations to Calvin for this honor and we want to express are sincere gratitude for all he does for us.


Julie Dahl

I think Julie Dahl at CTI is wonderful. Always smiling and great attitude, willing to help with anything!! She mans the phones and takes on the challenge of being pleasant to all who call, even those who are yelling on the other end. She manages the office with grace and a smile. She truly knows where everything is and where everything goes and how it should be handled. We appreciate her so much at school. She has the calm to withstand the occasional irrational parent, teacher, student or principal. She is the amazing glue that holds our building together and we thank her for that.


Junita Freed

I wanted you to know that Juanita went above and beyond last Friday with one of my students that rides her bus. I had informed her that this student has the possibility to have low blood sugars in the afternoon due to his diabetes. We talked about what signs to look for and report. She noticed that he was blinking rapidly and acting differently on Friday afternoon after getting on the bus. She immediately reported this to our school office, and I was able to help this student get his blood sugar back up to safe levels. She did an awesome job!! Please let her know that we greatly appreciate her all that you and the bus barn staff do for our students. Juanita is always willing to help a student out whether they need to contact their parent for something or if they are low on money and would need to pay for something and forgot she is there for the kids. Always has a smile and willing to make a students day.