Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Circle Middle School Parents/Guardians,
We are excited for the upcoming Parent/Teacher Conferences Wednesday, October 19th, 4:30
- 8:00 PM, and Thursday, October 20, 8 AM -2:00 PM
On the printed calendar it states “as individually scheduled” this is an error. You are welcome to
show up at your convenience within the scheduled time on both days.
The purpose of Parent/Teacher conferences is to help build relationships between guardians,
families, and staff while providing an opportunity for two-way feedback. We aim to provide
excellent communication at all times, but this is an occasion to do so a little more formally.
Conferences will be held in the Blue Gym at CMS. These conferences are set up as a
come-and-go, with the allowance to see the teachers you would like to see. Please bring your
student with you as they are integral to the conversation.
Thank you for your continued partnership with us in the essential work of education! If you have
any questions regarding conferences please call 316-778-1470