Maria Engels -- Circle Benton Elementary: 

Every once in a while, a volunteer comes along who makes a profound impact on the organization and people they serve. This person goes above and beyond what is expected to thanklessly make sure others have what they need to be successful. With no regard to the time spent volunteering, the only focus is on the needs of those around her. There are many volunteers, but so few go above and beyond to truly help others. Maria Engels typifies this type of dedicated selfless volunteer. She is often walking the halls of Circle Benton Elementary looking for ways she can serve. Even though she is the PTO president, she also helps organize the CBE Spring Fling, run the CBE concession stand at Benton Days, help with the Honor Roll Breakfast, and serve on building and district committees. She is often found at CBE on Thursday working with other Thursday Moms, who give Thursday mornings to assist teachers completing tasks and projects needed by the students. If teachers or administration ask, she seldom turns them down, taking time from her own family and tasks to serve the school. If she cannot help complete a task, she is a warrior in gathering others to volunteer for the assignment. I have been impressed at her desire to serve the students and staff at CBE in many different ways. Her selfless acts help make CBE a great environment for our students to learn, staff to work, and teachers to teach. Maria Engels is definitely a first-class volunteer.


Terri Ahles -- Circle Middle School:

When I consider the definition of a Friend as one that gives unconditionally, this absolutely encompasses Terri Ahles. Five years ago Terri saw a need at CMS and took it upon herself to ask if she could be the contact person for having a book fair. At that time and to this day CMS does not have a librarian on staff, instead we have two library aids that are able to keep the library running. Terri knew that these ladies would not be able to add the bookfair to their responsibilities so through the heart of a “Friend of Education” we have been able to have successful book fairs twice a year for the past five years. Throughout these years new novel sets have been purchased for our teachers, new books for the library, teachers wish lists have been filled and many many readers have been serviced with new books. Thank you Terri for asking to fill this gap that CMS was experiencing. You are a true Friend!!


Kathy Donovan -- Circle Towanda Elementary:

Kathy Donovan has worked hard to secure grants for classroom materials that will support the needs of so many of our students in the Circle District. She is an amazing resource for our district parents and anyone with a special needs child. Kathy works closely with our teachers to gather information about the different needs students may have. Kathy has been researching items that may assist students with impulsive behavior. She has found multiple items for students to use to fidget with in the classroom that do not cause distractions to others in the room. Kathy shares these items with the classroom teachers and allows them to check them out for use in their own classrooms. Kathy volunteers on CTE PTO and attends meetings regularly. She has shared with our PTO/Site Council the different resources she has for parents, as well as for students. Kathy is an amazing person who donates her time and energy to improve the lives of children with needs. We love having her in our building and go to her regularly when we have a need for a parent or a child.