Kerri Maggard

Kerri goes above and beyond every single day to meet the needs of students and staff at Circle Greenwich Elementary. Often times she can be found around the school serving in areas well beyond her job title, whether that is supervising in the lunchroom, leading a group of students in the computer lab, assisting students with medical needs, or standing outside for crosswalk duty. Kerri is so much more than just the at risk educator in our building. She is committed to working with all students, not just students who are at risk, in order to help them succeed. She makes sure that students know that she believes in them and strives to show them that they can achieve anything with hard work. She is always available to help classroom teachers brainstorm and create new lessons to help the students who are struggling in the classroom. She is supportive, hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable, and such a valuable resource to all of us here at CGE!