Circle Oil Hill
Category: School Volunteer
Mrs. Carol Fox

Mrs. Fox is an amazing volunteer in our kindergarten classroom! Once a week she comes to spend the morning in our classroom helping to run centers, play special games, work one-on-one, and the list goes on and on. At the end of her visit each time she reads stories with our class. She brings props and personal items for real world connections, and of course a friendly fox or two along with her to make the stories that much more special! She provides special gifts for the entire kindergarten for holidays and special occasions. As a retired school teacher and librarian herself, she is a natural in the classroom and works wonderfully with our ever evolving kindergarten world. We are so blessed to have such a kind, compassionate, selfless leader spend time building knowledge and sharing her amazing gift - the true love of learning with our children.

Circle Oil Hill
Category: School Volunteer
Nancy Corkill

Nancy Corkill is a wonderful friend of education. Nancy spent this past year volunteering in my COE Kindergarten classroom during reading block. She came three days a week. Nancy worked with small groups and individuals, providing excellent help on reading skills. She was able to use her prior experience with many years in Title I reading to greatly benefit my students. Nancy is wonderful with the children! I have been so blessed to have her working with my students this school year. All of us have enjoyed and benefited greatly from her volunteer time in my room.

Circle Greenwich
School Volunteer
Al and Tanya Flores

Mr. and Mrs. Flores are the proud parents of four sons, three of which have attended Circle Greenwich Elementary.

In the fall of 2011, they started an after-school chess club at CGE. This is a popular club that our elementary students of all ages attend year after year. Students are taught how to play chess, and many have competed in chess tournaments around the state.

Tanya has also volunteered in several other roles at CGE. She has been actively involved in a group of moms that volunteer as "Thursday Moms." They take care of cutting out projects, making copies, laminating, and many other tasks that are greatly appreciated by our teachers. Tanya has volunteered for years to decorate our library for our book fairs.

She has also served as a room mom in her sons' classrooms over the years.

District Office
Category: Business Partner
Tom Wilhelm – Owner, Gambinos Pizza of Towanda

For over two decades, Tom Wilhelm, owner of Gambinos Pizza in Towanda and El Dorado, has been a mainstay of the business community in downtown Towanda.

Tom, always quick to “deflect” or shy away from any attention, prefers to stay “under the radar”.

Tom’s kids went to Circle, he employs Circle students and graduates, and Tom never fails to assist when it comes to sponsoring our signage at our athletic venues, sponsor the “Fan of the Week” program, donate to events like the Foundation golf tournament and school carnivals, only to name a few.

Circle USD 375 wants to publicly recognize Tom Wilhelm for the continued support he gives to Circle on behalf of our students.