Theater Arts is a wonderful way to learn how express yourself in an active and creative way while attending Circle High! Also referred to as Fine Arts, Performing Arts, or Drama, CHS Theater Arts encapsulates acting, improv, live performing, technical theatre, theatrical dancing, stagecraft, and mounting fully realized productions of musicals and plays.

The two classes offered by the Theater Arts department are Intro to Drama and Advanced Drama. Intro to Drama is a class that focuses on the basics of drama and the broadest overview of technical theatre and theatrical history. Advanced Drama is a more in-depth and project based performing class for those who want to take a more serious approach to their studies in theater arts. Both classes will have public performances in the curriculum.

The Theater Arts department puts on two productions a year. In the fall, a musical is produced in collaboration with the Music department and everyone who auditions makes the show! It is a fun and low-stakes way to get involved. In the spring, a play is produced that can be large, medium, or small cast and everyone who auditions is not guaranteed a part.

The Theater Arts department also sponsors a drama club which is known as the Theater Arts and Drama Advocacy Association, or T.A.D.A.A., that empowers the students to organize and advocate for all things theater arts in the school. Additionally, T.A.D.A.A. supports the forensics team, the music department, and is a chapter of the International Thespian Society and attends the Thespian Festival in Downtown Wichita, KS every year.


  • Fall Musical: November 2018 - TBD
  • Spring Play: March 2019 - Radium Girls


  • Spring Director/Technical Director/Forensics Coach/TADAA Sponsor: 
  • Fall Musical Director/Choreographer: