Student Council

Sponsor: Sherri Coble / Raylin Ledbetter

Description: Student Council is the governing body for Circle High School. Members of Student Council are responsible for homecomings, conducting the holiday food drive, and sponsoring the annual Red Cross Blood Drive. During homecoming, members typically work 10-20 hours organizing and participating in related events. Time donated to other projects varies.

Members are expected to purchase a StuCo shirt at the beginning of the school year. (approximately $20.00 - $25.00)

Membership Requirements: StuCo members must be eligible to participate in the KSHSAA sponsored activities and be elected by the class they are representing. Officers of Student Council are elected by the entire student body. Membership includes the four StuCo officers (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer), class presidents, one boy and one girl representative from each class, an additional member if the class size is over 100. All members are required to attend all scheduled meetings and to participate in all StuCo sponsored activities.