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   Bus Safety . . .


   The Circle Unified School District operates a bus system which enables students to get

   to and from school and activities easily and safely. A fleet of more than 25 buses
   transports students averaging over 165,000 miles per year for regular routes. Special
   Education buses and activity trips account for
   another 80,000 miles annually. Bus routes are established by the Transportation
   Department and families will be contacted with bus route information (location of stop
   and pickup times) prior to the beginning of the school year. For additional information
   call the Transportation Department at 541-2631.


   Other drivers play a role in bus rider safety. It is unlawful to pass a school bus when the red
   lights are flashing and the STOP sign is displayed.
Cars approaching a school bus from either
   direction should slow down and be observant of these signs, being prepared to stop. The safety of the
   student who rides the bus is dependent on every driver obeying this law.