Welcome Students
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   Dear Student,

Welcome to the Circle school family! We trust that you will find this a great place to go to school. We will work very hard at helping you to discover your hopes and dreams and at equipping you with the skills necessary to pursue those dreams.

Circle is a growing district but we are determined to maintain our caring sense of family. We place importance on building positive teacher/student relationships and we will always keep your learning as our top priority. We value you as a person and we believe that all students can learn when they are given enough time and the appropriate instructional supports.  Please take every advantage of the opportunities that will be provided for you from an excellent and highly qualified teaching staff.

I encourage you to apply yourself, work hard, and maintain a positive attitude. As an old coach continually preached to me, “Your altitude is only determined by your attitude.” If you believe that you can accomplish something, and apply the necessary effort, you can indeed accomplish your goals. Circle will provide the caring support to help you succeed; the remainder is up to you and the good choices that you make.