Welcome Parents
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   Dear Parents,


   Welcome to the Circle school family! We are pleased that you have decided to entrust part of your     

   child’s education to us. Rest assured that we take that charge very seriously and we will keep the best

   interest of your children at heart in all that we do.


   Circle Unified School District 375 stretches across the northwestern quarter of Butler County and

   extends into Sedgwick County. The district includes housing divisions in northeast Wichita and the

   communities of Greenwich, Benton, Towanda and Oil Hill (a subdivision of El Dorado). Our

   enrollment, of approximately 1850 students, has been on the increase with many new students

   coming from out of district. It can be a challenge to manage the growth and yet still maintain the

   caring sense of “family” that we value so much. We will continue to make our district unity a priority

   and we will be diligent to maintain the wholesome environment that we all desire for our kids.



   Circle is a special place. We have an enthusiastic and highly qualified staff of teachers and support

   personnel to work with your children on a daily basis. We believe that all children can learn when

   given enough time and provided with the appropriate instructional supports. We value community

   engagement and welcome your involvement with your child’s education. Research validates that the

   likelihood of student success increases dramatically when home and school are working together

   toward a common goal. Our vow is to always “keep the main thing the main thing”; and the main

   thing is the teaching and learning of the intended curriculum.



   Positive relationships are vital for success. We encourage your input and desire open communication

   with you about your child’s education. Observing the appropriate chain of command is critical for a

   positive learning environment. If you have concerns or questions about your child’s schooling, please

   contact the teacher first. A large percentage of your questions can be clarified in this manner. If there

   is no resolution, or you continue to have concerns, then you should contact your building

   administrators. We value transparency and find that most misunderstandings simply result from a lack

   of communication.



   Once again, welcome to the Circle family. We consider it a privilege to help your child discover their

   hopes and dreams and to give them the educational foundation necessary to pursue those dreams. It

   is an honor to serve you and we hope that you have a fantastic school year!