Circle High School is located right in the middle of a small town called Towanda. If you would like to access the Circle 


High School Website, click here. The Circle School district is located in Butler and Sedgwick County and it includes the towns of Benton, Towanda, Greenwich, Bel Aire, Township Village in El Dorado, and Northeastern Wichita. It covers 175 square miles. The district is composed of four grade schools, one middle school, and one high school. 
     Circle has been participating in B.E.S.T. for many years. We have advanced to the Regional Competition in Fort Smith, Arkansas as well as in Texas. There are approximately fifty-five students on our team each year. We divide ourselves into several smaller departments that aid in the development of our product. These teams consist of the robot, presentation, notebook, display, spirit, game floor teams. Each group has a leader that changes every year. These group leaders are responsible for meeting and collaborating with the other departments, and give summaries of the process for the week.  Information regarding each
member is available on the Student Profiles page or you can click here.
    The Circle High School B.E.S.T. program is divided into several groups and categories. Each group has a lead and one or more managers. Leads are responsible for the department. Leads also must communicate between each other for the benefit of the entire team. You can view our team department breakdown here.
    We have created a short documentary video below, that helps describe the importance of Circle B.E.S.T. It also describes several of our members and their role in Circle B.E.S.T. Enjoy!
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    2017 Circle BEST Team

    The Circle BEST Team is made of 65 students, All of our students are very involved in the BEST Program. Sometimes it is very difficult to accommodate for the various schedules. We always have students working on some projects through the evening hours. You can view all of the students in the BEST program for the 2017 year. Also there is information regarding each students department, grade, and number of years involved in the BEST program. Circle High School B.E.S.T. Robotics is divided into 8 departments or teams. Each department is assigned a specific task and it is their job to accomplish this wide task. Every department has a lead who is responsible for the entire department. Some departments require a manager to keep certain tasks under control. Every year, students appoint 2 Chief of Operations Directors or (CODs). They are responsible for the overall operation of the program. You can view the entire Circle High School B.E.S.T. Department breakdown below:


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    Marketing Presentation Team

    Marketing Presentation Team consist of 6 Circle BEST Members that pitch our invention/project as well as this years company, "Firebots, Inc." They present information on our company, by telling a story of how our product is an important tool and demonstrate how BEST is a positive experience.


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    Robot Team

    Robot Team consist of Circle BEST Team Members that brainstorm, design, and build our competition robot in a 6 week time frame, as well as hours of driving practice. Any of our team members can be drivers.



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    The Notebook department is responsible for the technical engineering notebook. They collaborate with all of the other teams similarly to the presentation team.


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    Exhibit Team

    The Display team is responsible for the creation of the display booth that is present on Game Day. They design a display that will achieve the highest rating. Also, they construct the display and receive funding from the fundraising team.


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    Spirt/Sportsmanship Team

    The spirit and sportsmanship team is the team that creates any sort of material used on game day in the stands. They use social media to promote the season as well as encourage non-members to support the team. They create noisemakers and special items each year.