Community Presentations

Circle High School BEST Robotics Team Outreach program for the Crossfire 2017 School year.
 Circle BEST schedule 60 community outreach presentations over the course of the season. Circle BEST presented to local elementary/middle schools. At local community events, lions club, boy scouts, girl scouts, local fire departments (our district encompasses
6 communities and 4 fire departments). Circle BEST participated in community STEM programs and events. The Circle BEST Team made presentations to all of our sponsors listed on our sponsor page.


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    Presentations @ Oil Hill Elementary in conjunction with

    El Dorado Fire Department for Fire Safety Month

    Circle BEST on October 5th at 2:00 pm presented to Oil Hill Elementary School with the El Dorado Fire Department to talk about fire safely and the future of Firefighting. Best showed off the FireBot, Inc. Search and Rescue Robot that competes at Kansas BEST on October 14th.

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    Circle BEST Featured on "Where's Shane?" KWCH 12

    Shane is out at Circle High School for another high school pep rally for Friday night football! This morning he will be hanging with the cheer squad, the dance team, the football team and  the BEST Robotics Team!



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    Trick or Treating with BEST Robot

    The BEST Robotics Team decided to take the Robot out Trick or Treating this year to do team building and talking to the community about BEST.



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    Presentations @ Towanda Elementary 6th Graders

    Circle BEST on November 1st at 2:00  pm presented to Towanda Elementary School. We showed off the FireBot, Inc. Search and Rescue Robot that competes at Kansas BEST on October 14th. As well as talked about Robotics and the STEM opportunities once they hit Middle School.

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    STEM Parent Night Circle USD 375

    Circle BEST presented to the Parents of Oil Hill Elementary Students about STEM programs at Circle High School. Circle BEST Showed off our BEST Robot and Vex Robots to K-6 Parents.


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    YMCA After School Programs

    The BEST Robotics Team went to visit 7 after school YMCA programs after different area elementary school to promote BEST and STEAM Programs. Circle BEST visited the following locations. Sunflower Elementary(Andover) Cottonwood Elementary (Andover) Benton Elementary (Benton) Prairie Creek (Andover) and Meadowlark Elementary (Andover) 


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