About BEST

 B.E.S.T was created by two Texas Instrument Engineers who were first drawn to robotics while watching a video of high school freshman compete in a robotics competition.  They wanted that same experience for their students. North Texas B.E.S.T. was then born. In 1993, 14 schools and 221 students competed in the first ever B.E.S.T. competition. The popularity of B.E.S.T. robotic then grew and it rapidly spread across the country. By 2005, there were 519 teams in 27 different hubs. In 2010, B.E.S.T. held it's first ever National Championship which placed the top winners in a head-to-head competition to find the best of the B.E.S.T. There are now 50 hubs across the states.
    Thousands of students have been involved in B.E.S.T. Robotics for many years. Students learn how to cooperate as a group in order to achieve one final goal. They learn the importance of deadlines, the usefulness of productive 
communication, and they learn common science, engineering, and mathematics subjects and ways they can be applied. Students not only learn the engineering process, but they learn things that are useful even if a student isn't
in the engineering field. These things include speech and communication skills, responsibility, brainstorming, respect,
and many more basic things everyone uses on a daily basis. Many times students learn how to contact someone if they have a question or are unclear about something. They learn about community outreach and how to publicize a business. B.E.S.T. is for everyone, and everyone even the coaches and mentors, can learn something new every day.



 Circle B.E.S.T was started in 2001 and has been a dominate force in the program and its success has only grown in the years since. This year is Circle BEST 17th year participating in Kansas B.E.S.T. Our Coach Matt Hogoboom is in his 9th year of coaching. In the last 13 years Circle BEST has placed in the top 3 in either the Robotics Competition or the BEST award earning its a place at Regional's in Ft. Smith Arkansas. At Regional's Circle B.E.S.T. has placed in those 13 years in the top 3 at Regional's as well.